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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tuesday 5/29

Abby had another good day she was awake and alert the whole day, albeit uncomfortable. She was constantly complaining about how the breathing tube was annoying and painful, eventually the nurses gave her some pain killers in the evening to help her get some sleep.
She was also taken off Dopamine, which was used to keep her blood pressure high, since her blood pressure remained stable as they weaned her from the drug. The doctors originally placed her on dopamine to ensure the site of injury was getting plenty of oxygen to heal properly (higher blood pressure means more blood, which means more oxygen).
Every morning the doctors are taking a CT scan of her neck injury and the results have been returning good with no infection present in her bone fusion and healing is progressing as the doctors expect.
Abby remains on antibiotics for her lung infection which is also coming along nicely, but understand that her original infection was life threatening, so it still persists to be a huge hurdle for Abby's overall health.
Abby and the family loves having good nurses so keep praying for those as we have had to ask for one nurse not to return already.

Below are some pictures that were taken last week before the bronchoscopy.

Paul reading Mocking Jay where Abby left off.

Bryan playing his guitar.

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