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Friday, June 1, 2012

Wednesday 5/30 and Thursday 5/31

The past two days have been similar, and they are well beyond the point of blending together. Abby is still having difficulty breathing autonomously and often needs suction of mucus from her throat. It is a good sign that her lungs are producing more secretions for her body to expunge. Abby is in need of more strength in her cough to get this mucus from her bronchi up her trachea (yes, I know it's Wikipedia... Deal with it). This is highly frustrating to her as the nurse needs to insert a suction tube, down within her breathing tube, in order to remove the secretions.  

Abby continues to get x-rays of her lungs, according to the doctors they look completely normal. However, the x-rays are not exactly correlating to her mucus condition because when the doctors listen to her lungs with a stethoscope they are saying the right lung is now having problems and the left lung is actually doing better. Fighting the mucus and secretions from the her lungs is a constant battle. She continually is "de-sating" meaning desaturating, where her blood oxygen levels are too low requiring the nurse and respiratory therapist to intercede with breathing machines and suctions in order to stabilize her levels. 

Abby's spirits are high and she has such faith in the Lord! She is holding fast to truth and has loved the encouraging notes she has received thus far; often asking her brothers to read them to her.  

Keep praying for strength in Abby's diaphragm as we continue to struggle through this blessing in disguise.  
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