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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wheel Chair and Abby's first bite!

Early this week Abby had a swallow test and did a great job. The team of doctors huddled around a machine, that continuously read x-rays of her neck, as Abby chewed mac and cheese and swallowed it. According to the doctors, Abby's ability to eat has not been impaired by her injury or her surgery and she can start a diet of soft foods. Abby can't wait to get off her feeding tube but her appetite is very small, so she is only eating small amounts of food per day.
The physical therapists have seen Abby's improvement and jumped on the opportunity to make her week even better. The nurses put Abby in a giant sling chair, hoisted out her out of bed and put her into a wheel chair. Although she was in the wheel chair for just a little over an hour, she was excited to get out of that bed and in an up right position again. While she was in the chair a little boy, one room over, came to see her; it was great getting to see Abby have fun and make faces with the boy like her usual self.

Abby was super stoked to be out of the bed. 

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