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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Last Week of June

This has been a difficult week emotionally for Abby as this is the week she was to go to Young Life camp with her friends from Ryle High School. If you know Abby, you know she lived for camp! Despite everything she is dealing with she prays for her friends at camp, especially for the ones she had convinced to go, knowing their lives will be changed. Thanks to her Young Life friends from Highlands who stepped up this week in Ryle's absence to visit her and cheer her up.

Physically, we did receive some very good news this week about her lungs. After almost five weeks of being on a ventilator and enduring four breathing treatments every day, her latest chest X-ray was normal! She is still on the ventilator but the doctors have mentioned she could possibly be weaned slowly over the next month. The breathing issues have really caused a setback to her recovery. Her trach has also not been healing as quickly, as we had been led to believe it would, and is still very painful at times. 

Abby also has not been able to sleep at night which causes her great distress. She says all she wants to do is sleep. Every sleep medication she has tried has caused either hallucinations or extreme itchiness. She still has considerable pain in her neck and hands and has been experiencing occasional painful muscle spasms throughout her entire body. On a more positive note, she was wheeled out into the sunshine for a few minutes on Tuesday. She absolutely loved that!

Thanks to everyone for your love and support, prayers, meals, gift cards, and for the encouraging cards. You cannot know until you have been in this type of tragic circumstance how very much even a simple card means to Abby and to us. Please keep the cards coming to her and please keep Facebooking her, as she always wants us to go to her Facebook and read the latest posts to her. Her spirits are high most of the time and she is clinging to the hope she has in her Lord and Savior. 

     "Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer."Romans 12:12
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