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Friday, August 24, 2012

March For Marsh

March For Marsh & Marsh Madness Turn Out

March for Marsh is already here, can you believe it! It begins tomorrow at Idlewild Park 8am so come and run/walk for Abby.
Abby's new hair cut, donated to Great Lengths.

On August 18, our friends, family and the community came together at Turfway Park in Florence to support our precious daughter, Abby Marsh, who was severely injured in a motor vehicle accident in May. The outpouring of love we experienced that night was completely overwhelming. Words cannot describe how much your support means to Abby and to our whole family during this dark time. We know we will not have to face this journey by ourselves and that is priceless!   

Over 1200 people attended the fundraiser and we know time didn't allow us to thank you all personally that night so on Abby's behalf, we would like now to publicly thank everyone who came and all the volunteers who worked to make the evening a success, it was flawlessly executed. Thanks to the countless hours of planning and coordination by the committee and the dozens of volunteers who prepared food,  made baskets, sold raffle tickets, decorated the hall, and pounded the pavement to solicit donations for the raffles. The venue was spectacular, the food was amazing and the entertainment was fabulous with great performances by Code 9, the Ben and Joe Duo and by our favorite DJ, Ryan Schwartz. 

Thanks also to all the generous individuals and businesses who donated products and services for the raffle baskets, and many thanks to the wonderful Hutcherson family and to Josh for donating his time and generating publicity for Abby and the event. The money raised will aid in the expenses of a wheelchair accessible van, the remodeling of our house, outpatient rehab, and medical bills. You all helped to lift at least one burden from us, and for that we are so grateful.  
Raffle Style Auction Items

Live Auction Bidding on Vacations
We are so grateful for all your prayers as well. Abby said it best when channel 19 interviewed her, "She can't do this without God." We are most of all, thankful that we dont have to this without Him. Every day is a walk of trust in God who has been faithful and gracious. We have woven one of Abby's favorite Bible verses into our hearts - Josh. 1:9 "Be strong and courageous, do not be afraid, for the Lord your God goes with you wherever you go."

We love you all so much. What an awesome community we live in! 

Thank you and God bless you! 
The Marsh family

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Back to School and Marsh Madness

The seniors at Ryle High School have come together to support Abby Marsh. To show your support don't forget to come the Turfway Park this Saturday, the 18th, at 7pm. Buy your tickets online, at the Florence government building, or at the door.
For all the people attending the event, you are in for a real treat! If you had to add the value of all the raffle items which have been donated, it would be right around $20,000. These prizes will all be available at the event to win. To list everything would be too much but we have items such as Hilton Head vacation packages, Mossberg 22 Tactical Rifle,wheel barrels filled with alcohol, UK Basketball,Reds and Bengal tickets and much,much more! Please if you have not bought your tickets in advance stop by the Florence Government Center (8100 Ewing Blvd.) tomorrow to get them!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

3 Months down

It has been three months today since Abby's accident and it still seems surreal at times. We are so thankful for many things - for God's grace every day; for Abby's strength and courage (Josh 1:9); for the progress we've seen and the prayers that have been answered; for our dear friends and family whose love, support and prayers have carried us through. 
This past week, Abby had surgery to place a feeding tube into her jejunem and a drainage tube which drains out of her stomach. This meant that she could have those nasty tubes removed from her nose. It was so good to see all of her beautiful face again! 
Another answer to prayer - after a CT scan confirmed that her neck had healed and was now stable, her neck brace was finally removed! Abby is super excited because her neck brace really dug in her shoulders, even with the padding. 
Please continue to pray for Abby as she gets weaned off the ventilator. The doctors told Abby that she should be able to breathe on her own, at least when she is awake, which was very encouraging news. Also, please pray that the episodes of very high blood pressures she has been having ever since the surgery will be resolved. These episodes are accompanied by bad headaches and nausea. Nitro paste usually works to bring the numbers down.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Donate and Buy your Marsh Madness tickets!

You can now purchase your Marsh Madness tickets online and at the door, however please help us by buying your tickets early so we know how many people to plan for. Aside from the food, drinks, and entertainment there will be: great baskets for prizes, mystery envelopes, and some really great vacation packages that will be auctioned off live the night of the event.
To buy tickets click on the appropriate link: (the links are working now!)
Couple Tickets
Individual Ticket
Under 21

If you would like to help Abby and her family but can not attend the event, please use the following link to DONATE via Credit Card/Pay-Pal to the Friends of Abby Marsh. All donations will go towards Abby's Trust Fund.

Josh Hutcherson involved with Marsh Madness

Josh Hutcherson of The Hunger Games has joined forces with the Friends Of Abby Marsh to help raise money for the Abby Marsh Trust Fund. Abby, who played soccer at Ryle High School, Josh’s high school Alma mater, was involved in a car accident on May 22nd and suffered a broken neck. She is currently unable to functionally control her body from the chest down and has limited movement in her hands, yet she is able to feel these parts.     

The Abby Marsh Trust Fund will be holding five separate dinner auctions in which each winner, plus a guest, will all join Josh for a dinner at an undisclosed location in the Greater Cincinnati Area, on Saturday, August 18 at 5pm.

All proceeds from the auctions will go directly to the Abby Marsh Trust Fund. All payments will be made via Pay-Pal. The winners will be notified of a location to meet for transportation to the restaurant. Transportation from that location will be provided by the Friends Of Abby Marsh. All transportation arrangements outside of this will be provided by the winners at their own expense. Josh Hutcherson and the Friends Of Abby Marsh will cover the cost of the dinner but will have no additional financial obligations.

All winners will be subject to a background check prior to the dinner. Please note that video or audio recording, of this  of any kind is strictly prohibited. 

Please watch for website links to the dinner auctions coming soon. 
Auctions will start Monday, August 6th, morning at 6:00am.

Putt Putt

Don't forget to come out And play some putt putt for Abby at World of Golf , where she used to work, at 6pm today!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

98 Degrees

Abby had a very good yesterday!  She met and chatted with the band members of 98 Degrees. (98 degrees was a very popular boys band in the late '90's).  Band members Drew and Nick Lachey are local to Cincinnati; they have also been in the limelight lately for winning Dancing with the Stars and hosting the Sing Off.  They are very active in local charities and often come to Cincinnati Children's for visits with the sick kids. They definitely made Abby feel better!  (and Mom)  
Medically, Abby is going to have surgery in the very near future to insert G-J tubes ( feeding tubes and drainage tubes)  into her stomach. This will make her feel a lot more comfortable since it means the tubes currently in her nose will be taken out and lead out of her abdomen. The tubes are irritating her esophagus and nasal passages which have been causing: excess inflammation, pain and discomfort, and excess secretions (saliva).
She hasn't gained any weight this week so far and her stomach issues are still hampering her recovery.  So please keep her in your prayers.
To sign up to see her click the "Book Appointment" button in the top left corner.  

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