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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

3 Months down

It has been three months today since Abby's accident and it still seems surreal at times. We are so thankful for many things - for God's grace every day; for Abby's strength and courage (Josh 1:9); for the progress we've seen and the prayers that have been answered; for our dear friends and family whose love, support and prayers have carried us through. 
This past week, Abby had surgery to place a feeding tube into her jejunem and a drainage tube which drains out of her stomach. This meant that she could have those nasty tubes removed from her nose. It was so good to see all of her beautiful face again! 
Another answer to prayer - after a CT scan confirmed that her neck had healed and was now stable, her neck brace was finally removed! Abby is super excited because her neck brace really dug in her shoulders, even with the padding. 
Please continue to pray for Abby as she gets weaned off the ventilator. The doctors told Abby that she should be able to breathe on her own, at least when she is awake, which was very encouraging news. Also, please pray that the episodes of very high blood pressures she has been having ever since the surgery will be resolved. These episodes are accompanied by bad headaches and nausea. Nitro paste usually works to bring the numbers down.

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