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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

98 Degrees

Abby had a very good yesterday!  She met and chatted with the band members of 98 Degrees. (98 degrees was a very popular boys band in the late '90's).  Band members Drew and Nick Lachey are local to Cincinnati; they have also been in the limelight lately for winning Dancing with the Stars and hosting the Sing Off.  They are very active in local charities and often come to Cincinnati Children's for visits with the sick kids. They definitely made Abby feel better!  (and Mom)  
Medically, Abby is going to have surgery in the very near future to insert G-J tubes ( feeding tubes and drainage tubes)  into her stomach. This will make her feel a lot more comfortable since it means the tubes currently in her nose will be taken out and lead out of her abdomen. The tubes are irritating her esophagus and nasal passages which have been causing: excess inflammation, pain and discomfort, and excess secretions (saliva).
She hasn't gained any weight this week so far and her stomach issues are still hampering her recovery.  So please keep her in your prayers.
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