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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Abby wants YOU to come visit her! How to schedule a visit.

You can now sign up to come visit Abby! 

Lately Abby has been wondering where everyone has been and why she hasn't had more visitors. The Marsh family has been limiting visitors due to her condition, but now feel that it is safe enough for Abby to be visited. So feel free to come by and say Hello and catch up with Abby!!!

The process is really quite simple, but let me lay it out for you just in case you're not tech savvy. :)
1. Go to:  From here you can see the days and hours that Abby is available to visit. You can also; post Facebook comments, recommend it on Facebook, and Tweet it.

2. Scroll down to the bottom to book a visit.
Then click on "Visit Abby", then click "Continue".
3. Click on "Abby Marsh". Then click "Continue".
4. Select a date, in the calendar, and time you would like to visit Abby. Then click "Continue". (note: if you would like to visit for an hour or more you must sign up for an additional visit.)
5. Here you must; enter your name, phone, and email. This is so the Marsh family can send you a text/email if Abby decides that she is not feeling well enough to see visitors that day.
Also note that if multiple people are coming with you please list those people in the "Notes" box.
Once complete click "Book Appointment".
6. When you are finished, you should get a screen that looks like this. If you would like to visit Abby for longer than 30 minutes, feel free to schedule a consecutive appointment.  

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